Affordable Inulin the health benefits a review


Hi its Mark here

You are reading about my personal experience of using Inulin powder to improve my gut health relieve IBS symptoms and increase visceral fat loss.

And so that we are clear this is just the review though, if you are looking for the actual product website then feel free to click here: Myprotein

[image]Why am I writing this review? Well I was thinking about buying Inulin powder after watching the program: How to stay young with Angela Rippon on TV and listening to how this substance could help protect you against most of the major health issues we all face as we age, but I coudn’t find any comprehensive honest oppinions so I thought I’d write one.

There was an interesting article featuring featuring this product in the link below


A Quick glance at what Inulin is

Inulin is a Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS) or starchy carbohydrate found in pulses, predominantly lentils and chickpeas. This amazing fibre can be classed as a prebiotic helping to feed good bacteria in the gut. It functions as a soluble fiber and can be  found in many plants. Your gut bacteria convert it into short-chain fatty acids, which provide several health benefits.

I have been taking inulin powder for a couple of months now and have been feeling the benefits with little to no side effects other than an initial increase in gas which subsided after a couple of days thankfully!

I purchased it from Myprotein a company which comes well recommended and highly reviewed and at £9.99 thought it was slightly cheaper than most of the other products I had looked at considering it has lasted for over 2 months.

My Experience

My experience on the whole was really good, especially as  I tended to struggle in the past with IBS symptoms, periodically quite alot and i would suffer with bloating and nausea after eating dairy and wheat based products- thankfully both of these started to subside after i started to take inulin in the second week.

This was really the main reason that i purchased it in the first place as the digestive discomfort and bloating could sometimes be an issue.

As for the visceral fat I can only assume that it has started to reduce as my stomach appears to have decreased by a couple of cm, not that i was carrying loads of belly fat, but it does appear to have had an effect on my overall body fat levels which has been an added bonus.

I had read previously that visceral fat is the fat you cannot see which is stored internally around organs and has been linked to an increased chance of developing diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease.

My thinking being that if a natural substance found in plants could help reduce my levels then that should help decrease my chances of developing some of these conditions along with my current diet and exercise routine.

Click here to visit the Inulin site

I take it in the evening with a probiotic capsule as the two seem to go together well, the inulin I believe being an Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS) helps to feed the good bacteria.

The extract below is from the suppliers web site

Although many plants contain only small amounts of inulin, others are excellent sources. Here’s how much inulin is in 3.5 oz, or 100 grams, of the following foods:

Asparagus: 2-3 grams.
Chicory root: 36-48 grams.
Garlic: 9–16 grams.
Jerusalem artichoke: 16–20 grams.
Jicama: 10–13 grams.
Onions: 1–8 grams.
Yacon root: 7–8 grams.

The benefits include:

Reduction in visceral fat

Improved gastrointestinal health
colon cancer prevention
better blood sugar control
healthier cholesterol levels and improved fat metabolism
improved bone mineralization
protection from fatty liver disease
protection from obesity
better immunity

To find out more about the benefits of inulin you can click here and be taken directly to the Suppliers web page.


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