2 Squash training Apps that I have been using


The 1st one I have been using for a while is called Squashfit it has multiple training options  and is used as an all in one platform for training on court and more importantly it gives me a library of video demonstrations for circuits strength training and conditioning work and a means to record them.

This has removed the guess work out of gauging my improvement and now allows me to track my fitness progression over time, week to week and season to season giving me real time feedback.

Its available here: Squashfit- Squash Training & Fitness Coach

Included in the program is:-

A Comprehensive set of 50 circuit training demos.squashfit-1

Detailed information and strategies for the most effective workouts for individuals or groups.

Step-by-step instructions for the total squash experience; everything from strategy, to improving accuracy, to how to win game after game – improve your game while you’re boosting your health and fitness.

Extensive video tutorials on strength and conditioning.

Shows you exactly how to make the most of every training phase, from beginners through to advanced levels.

Complete workouts for every fitness, strength and conditioning, power, speed and quickness, flexibility ect.

Below is a sample conditioning routine I did.

“The “SquashFIT” programme is ideal for those requiring squash specific fitness & movement. A distinct advantage is that participants can train at their pace but also benefit from group dynamics should they be training as a member of a group. The programme content & facilitation could not be faulted.”

B2 gradesquashfit4

“I found the squash fit training great. As I have not been playing squash long, it was a good way to get fit and learn some of the basics at the same time. I really enjoyed the format, it allows you to push yourself to the limit to get more and more out of each session. Most importantly it was a lot of fun. The sessions were a great way to meet more people at my local club and a good way to start my day”


“SquashFit is a great tool for players and coaches. It has proved extremely useful in setting up group sessions in the club where I am based in the USA. It has proved very popular amongst kids and adults alike so has made my life a hell of a lot easier!”

Scott Devoy
Head Squash Coach – Merion Cricket Club, USA
“We used SquashFit as the fitness component of our team training programme. In the face of increasing pressure for available courts, we were able to get 8+ guys on 2 courts and run really comprehensive sessions. 3 months on and enthusiasm & participation is high!! SquashFit is a great tool to improve your game”
(B2) Auckland, New Zealand

Its available here: Squashfit- Squash Training & Fitness Coach

The Squash Ghost

The second one is free its a ghosting App that is excellent for movement training with a variety of options.

Available here: squash ghost in the App Store

Squash Ghost on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

Squashfit- Squash Training & Fitness Coach


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