Top 10 running essentials 2017


Top 10 running products that are proving hot this summer.


1. Garmin Fenix 5 Series

The new Garmin Fenix 5 comes in three sizes. The standard Fenix 5 remains a multisport watch that has all-day activity tracking, wrist-based heart-rate readings, and smartwatch connectivity. It’s more compact than the previous models, but still has a 24-hour battery using GPS under the rugged case. A smaller Fenix 5S is better suited to smaller wrists, but the battery life is just 13 hours in GPS mode. For the runner looking for a bit extra in terms of tech, thelarger Fenix is available and comes preloaded with topographical maps and directional cues so you can follow a route from your wrist.

Key features

  • Stainless steel EXO-antenna as bezel and forged steel back.
  • Wrist heart rate with fully integrated sensor.
  • Activity profiles for all sports and adventures.
  • Performance Widget.
  • Strava Live Segments.
  • GPS + GLONASS satellite positioning.
  • Smart notifications and Connect IQ app support.
  • Water rated to 10 ATM (100m)



2. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Further developing on the Spartan line, the new version of the Sport more streamlined being both thinner and lighter, but still remains a powerful touchscreen smartwatch. To save space and size, the watch loses its barometric altimeter and instead relies on standard GPS to give you an elevation reading . The Sport Wrist HR gets an optical heart-rate monitor built by Valencell, a biometric instrument maker, ensuring extreme accuracy.

Key features

  • The daily workout and competition companion for over 80 sports such as swimming (water-resistant to 100 m), cycling, running, multi-sports and triathlon – ideal for fitness thanks to the flat design, Regular software update necessary for a smooth and correct performance of the watch
  • Tracking plus route navigation with waypoints and breadcrumb navigation in real time, measuring of heart rate (ECG accurate), calories and steps, race and interval mode, training plans, rest and recovery time
  • Quick GPS/GLONASS tracking, GPS altimeter, Bluetooth (as of 4.0), compass, coordinate systems, colour touch screen with three action buttons, precise walking pace thanks to fused speed
  • Strong through the community: Sharing on Instagram, Runtastic and Facebook, comparison between performances with peer group in Suunto Movescount app, movement photos with current speed displayed and for creation of Suunto Movie
  • Contents: 1 x sport watch for multi-sport athletes, SS022662000, black included, USB charging cable, up to 12 hours battery performance, bracelet length 24.5 cm, SuuntoLink Software update


3. Run lean Run Strong ebookrunning_stack

Running shoes guru has put together an ebook and extra resources to cover all the areas that we need in a detailed step by step process. The key comprehensive topic areas are listed below:
– Nutrition
– Weight Loss
– Strength Training
– Injury Prevention


Whether you are just started running or you are training to compete, your nutrition is a key component of your success.

There is more to proper nutrition than simply restricting calories.

This guide will teach you how to eat to shed excess weight, but also to properly fuel your training and maximizing your recovery.


If you truly want to become a good runner, it is time to move away from solely focusing on training runs and instead incorporate strength training – whether at the gym or in your home using free weight workouts to boost your running performance as well as minimize the risk of injuries.

The goal is not bulk up with muscle; instead, we want to develop your strength in a more balanced and comprehensive way so you eliminate your weak areas and allow all of the essential parts to work together in sync.


Scientific research has shown that about 60-65% of the runners are injured during a year owing to the risks associated with running like training errors, racing speed, running surface, body weight and several others.

These can all be addressed with the right injury response strategy.

Developed by Dr. Asad – MD, this guide will help you avoid, recognize and treat many of the injuries that plague runners. And let you know when you should see your doctor.


4. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

IMG_2342Safety rules. These Bluetooth-enabled headphones use bone conduction to send sound waves through bones at your temples, leaving your ears completely uncovered when out on a run or working out in the gym. This means you can hear cars and other potential hazards around you when running on open roads. The lightweight titanium construction is comfortable to wear and stays put when bouncing down the road.


5. Altar road running shoe

Improvements and updates in this version, in comparison to the 3, include a softer upper and a more responsive ride to the shoe. There is also added reflectivity on this version, too.

Weight: 8.1 oz./230 g.
Stack Height: 24mm
Designed to Improve: Running Form, Toe Splay, Stability, Power
Ideal Uses: Running, Ultramarathons, Long Distance Walking, Cross Training
Platform: Natural Foot Positioning: FootShapeTM Toe Box with Fully Cushioned Zero
Midsole: Dual Layer EVA with A-BoundTM Top Layer, InnerFlexTM Technology
Outsole: FootPodTM Technology
Insole: 5 mm Contour Footbed
Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh
Other Features: Natural Ride System

Sole: Gum Rubber
Closure: Lace-Up
Heel Height: 1 inches
Ideal uses include running, ultramarathons, long distance walking, cross training
FootPod Outsole
Dual layer ethylene vinyl acetate with A-Bound top layer and InnerFlex
6 millimeter contour footbed



6. Danish Endurance Compression Socks

18-21 mmHg Graduated Compression. Swiss MST IV tested.

95% Polyamide, 5% Elasthane.

The anatomical fit provides graduated compression from ankle to calf and the padded foot bed absorbs jarring shock, helps prevent painful blisters and the ventilated parts wicks away sweat for a cooling comfort.
With their constant compression, these compression socks help pump, cleanse and oxygenate blood. The payoff: enhanced performance and relief from aches and swelling, as well as fast recovery.

By Olympic Runner Stina Troest.




7. Salomon Agile 2 Rucksack Set

For lightweight hydration on your long runs, the Salomon Agile 2 Set is an easy solution. An included Hydrapak 1.5L Soft Reservoir keeps you hydrated, while a main zippered compartment holds small apparel or gear. A stretch mesh pocket in front holds small nutrition to keep you energized, and a harness construction provides enhanced stability. Breathable mesh on your back and light shoulder straps offer a comfortable ride for an enjoyable run.


Low profile hydration pack for long distance runs
Included Hydrapak 1.5L Soft Reservoir for hydration
1 main zippered compartment on back for compact apparel or accessories
1 stretch mesh chest pocket for small essentials or nutrition
Airvent Agility backpanel breathable construction uses a light soft board that adapts the fit to your back and minimal EVA pads in the most sensitive areas for exceptional comfort
Harness construction with compression front lifter compresses the load for enhanced stability
Sternum strap system secures anywhere along the front for a personalized fit and added stability
4ºD pole holder is instinctive to use; quick and easy access to your hiking poles while running
Compatible with Salomon Custom Accessory System
Weight: 6 oz (171g)
Pack Volume: 3L (183 inches³)
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 2 cm


8. Nathan Trail Mix Hydration

Great for longer runs, this lightweight, fully-adjustable belt offers a bounce-free, chafe-free ride.

A Swivi-buckleTM auto-adjusts the belt for a customized fit, while the large storage pouch has room for your running essentials and large smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus.

Features four 10 oz / 300 mL Flasks with Push-Pull caps
Ergo-shaped, soft monofilament belt offers multi-directional stretch that eliminates bounce
Large zip pocket with key ring clip and front stash pouch for running essentials
Fits up to iPhone 6 Plus

About Hydration Systems

Letting yourself get dehydrated is the quickest way to compromise your performance and ruin your fun. A hydration system lets you carry a good amount (usually 2 or 3 litres) of water without interfering with your hands and with a convenient valve to drink from whenever you like. During intensive exercise, you’ll need to drink around 1 litre of water every hour which means sipping little and often – much easier if you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and locate a bottle. Adding an energy drink to the water makes the process even more effective and can enhance performance. Make sure you choose a cleaning kit to go with your system or you’ll be buying a new reservoir regularly! Different systems combine varying amounts of hydration capacity with a wide variety of cargo options, meaning you can carry everything from an energy bar to all the gear you need for a full day out.



9. Griffin Adidas miCoach Armband for iPhone & iPod touch

Echewing GPS watches and activity tracker armbands for a free app such as RunKeeper, Endomondo Sports Tracker or MapMyRun is fine, but where will you put your phone? A downright awkward gadget to carry while on a trail, Griffin has come up with a simple armband that keeps a smartphone dry and out of the way.

An ultra-lightweight nylon band that easily adjusts in diameter, its moisture wicking claims are less impressive than its ability to stay in place. Some won’t like the restrictive feeling on their upper arm, but there’s no doubting its usefulness. As well as easily trailing headphones through a t-shirt sleeve, there’s a port for connecting the Adidas miCoach Connect heart rate monitor – hence the otherwise irrelevant branding tie-up.

But our favourite feature? A tiny key holder that snaffles away that essential – though irritating – running companion.



10. Strength GYMWATCH® Sensor – The Ultimate Fitness-Tracker

Connect the StrenX via Bluetooth with the free Gymwatch app. Push-ups, bench press or pull-ups … Choose your favorites from the exercise catalog. Create a custom workout or use one of the templates. StrenX provides a suitable workout for every level. Define your parameters – such as weight, sets and reps. You can even adjust your pausing times flexibly. Attach the StrenX to your arm or your leg. Use two as a duo and train you upper and lower body simultaneously – with weights, at fitness machines or freestyle. The StrenX analyzes your movements and provides you with immediate live feedback – via your headphones or visually via your smartphone. StrenX’ effective analysis improves your training professionally and in the long term. This way your performance curve rises steadily. Share your goals, results and progress with the community. Exchange your experiences with others, be motivated and compete with your friends.

The fitness tracker analyzing your workout and watching out for you during your workout
Create your own individual workouts and get audio-visual live feedback
Record and control your workout progress
900 different exercises are trackable – for the gym, at home and for your workout on the way
The whole Gymwatch StrenX is made in Germany


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