4 Cycle Fat Loss – Results In 7 Days Or Less


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4 Cycle Fat Loss

4 Cycle Fat Loss is a new diet program that can kickstart your weight loss program. Here’s our review.

What is 4 Cycle Fat Loss?

4 Cycle Fat Loss is a downloadable eBook that consists of four books: Cycle #1, Cycle #2, Cycle #3, and Cycle #4.

4 Cycle Fat Loss starts off with some bold claims: it talks about how one man ate 20 potatoes every day for 60 days in a row and ended up losing a lot of unwanted body fat.

The idea behind 4 Cycle Fat Loss is that you can eat certain foods – like potatoes – to kickstart your metabolism and enhance weight loss results.

That guy who ate 20 potatoes a day for 60 days in a row? He started at a weight of 197 and ended at a weight of 176. Other measurements – like his cholesterol and blood glucose levels – also dropped to healthier levels.

One of the key goals of 4 Cycle Fat Loss is that by strategically eating carbs (like potatoes), you can boost your weight loss results.

4 Cycle Fat Loss doesn’t actually require you to eat potatoes. It’s just one easy source of carbs, and carbs play a key role in this diet. Keep reading to find out how 4 Cycle Fat Loss claims to work.

Paleo Reboot


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Paleo Beginners Guide Review

The Paleo Beginners Guide is a free eBook that was recently released online. Is this book worth the free download? Let’s find out

What is Paleo Beginners Guide?

Paleo Beginners Guide is a digital eBook available exclusively through PaleoReboot.com. The book was recently released for free online as part of a 21 day national promotion campaign.

You can order the book as a digital eBook or as a physical copy.

If you order the physical copy of the book, then you’ll be asked to pay $2.95 for shipping and handling. The digital version of the book, however, is available for free. After entering your email address, that book will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

The book claims to be a New York Times best seller. It also claims to teach you everything you need to know about getting started with the Paleo Diet. With that in mind, let’s learn more about how the Paleo Beginners Guide works.

What’s in the Paleo Beginners Guide?

The Paleo Beginners Guide, as you might expect, contains a variety of lessons you can use to get started with the paleo diet. Those lessons include:

— Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

— Quick start guide to help you lose weight, improve your health, and avoid diseases by correctly implementing the paleo diet

— Daily meal plans including daily tips and foolproof plan ahead instructions

— Shopping lists that make grocery shopping “almost too easy”

— Easy paleo snack ideas, including 15 snack recipes “to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.”

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“Toned In Ten” Program Get lean with this 10 min a day workout system


toned in 10


How Does It Work?

You get the 10-minute a day program to follow. You get pictures that show you how to make the most out of your workouts and master them.

As of now, there are some bonuses, including:

  • Videos that demonstrate how to do the workouts. All you have to do is follow along. And, you also gain insight into how to correctly modify each workout to gain maximum benefit from it if you are not able to do the full exercise yet.
  • A nutrition guide that complements the workout program. This is not a starvation program, but it does require you to change your eating habits around. You will not need to worry about counting calories or eating tasteless food.
  • Erin’s personal secrets to good health. These are anti-aging secrets that she uses every day, and if you have seen her, then you will want to get your hands on these secrets.
  • Shopping lists so that you don’t have to wonder if you are buying the right things or not. This shopping list will make sure you are buying the best food for weight loss and good health.

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Get 16,000 Woodworking Plans & Blueprints


wood work


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Woodworking has recently been growing in popularity and is seen as a good way of pastime. This Woodworking program developed by Ted McGrath is one of the most used and better programs available on the Internet.

The key lessons given in the guide serve as a custom of route for almost all carpenters.

Ted’s Woodworking guide includes a complete assortment of woodworking plans that are simply a model for other similar plans and such blueprints help the craftsman to build near perfect furniture projects.

The plans do not ask for lots of expensive gear to make good furniture, rather the plans are simple to understand using 2D and 3D isometric.

These assist in all the necessary steps to complete construction with only the required material specified for the particular job.

Teds Woodworking plan typically includes the following parts:
1. Introduction
2. Membership Area
3. Woodworking Plans
4. Bonus Documents
5. How To Start A Woodworking Business
6. More Woodworking Plans
7. Videos
8. DWG CAD File Viewer


– Shed Plans
– Resources And References
– Home 3D Software
– Designer Shed Plans
Ted McGrath’s Woodworking package also contains the following benefits:
– The Woodworking plans comprise of over 16,000 plans and projects
– The DWG/CAD Software that is included with the woodworking package helps the member with the drawings and view various layers to build or modify upon better designs.

– The guide includes 150 high resolution self-explanatory videos that cover even the common household furniture items like the bird feeder, tables, chairs, outdoor sheds and even a gazebo.
– It teaches members the different tricks and techniques prevalent in carpentry.
– The online guide has a detailed section on how one can start his own woodworking business which is its best part. This is a very decent concept that utilizes the members’ money properly. The section includes the requirements to get the business going. For example, the licensing, tax issues, obtaining contracting jobs, finding out the supplies and working with competitors.
– Teds Woodworking Guides teaches many valuable tricks and tips pertaining to laminating, jointing, bonding, and fastening.
– The members get access to free lifetime membership area.
– The guide is same for beginners as well as advanced users.

Some of the Plans that are available in the package.

Adirondack Chairs
Artwork Display
Bathroom Unit
Box Designs
Billiard/Pool Table
Barn Plans
Bed Plans
Bedside Cabinets
Bee Hive Plans
Bench Projects
Bird Feeders
Birdhouse Plans
Boat Plans
Book Case Plans
Baby Changing Table
Coat Rack
Cabin Plans
Cabinet Plans
Carport Plans
Cart Plans
Cat House Plans
CD/DVD Holder
Cellar Projects
Chair Plans
Chest Designs
Chicken Houses
Childrens Room Plans
Clock Plans
Coffee Table Designs
Cold Frame Plans
Compost Bin
Computer Desk
Cradle Projects
Small Crafts
Cutting Board
Deck Plans
Desk Designs
Dog House
Door Designs
Drill Press
Entertainment Projects
Furniture Plans
Farmshop Plans
File Cabinet
Fireplaces & Mantel
Kids Furniture
Garage Plans
Gun Cabinets
Gun Hidden Storage
Home Office Projects
Horse Barns
Humidor Plans
Hutch Plans
Jig Plans
Kitchen Projects
Knife Block
Lathe Plans
Media Center Designs
Music Boxes
Ottoman Plans
Outdoor Plans
Rabbit Houses
Wooden Racks
Router Plans
Scroll Saw
Outdoor Sheds
Signs & Displays
Squirrel Den Box
Storage Plans
Swing Plans
Table Plans
Tool Boxes
Wooden Toys
Trellis Plans
Utility Buildings
Wagon Designs
Weather Station
Wind Generator
Wishing Well
& Many More!

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength & Better Health.


hip flexors


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Like unfolding a sheet or unpacking a parcel, opening up the muscles in your hips requires it to be done in the right order.

Try to release one muscle before another and you’ll add to your tightness. Getting it wrong really can make it worse.

It’s why so many people give up trying to fix the problem themselves and believe incorrectly that they have to live with the problem. But hoping the problem will go away by not exercising is just as damaging.

To explain in more detail about this flow, let me introduce you to leading Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS.

Rick is “THE” guy fitness professionals go to when they want to learn about the latest techniques to help their own clients. He’s given over 352 live presentations to more than 8,152 health professionals in the US and Canada.

Rick Kaselj
I first met Rick when he helped me fix a shoulder problem. He was one of the few injury specialists I met who helped athletes by focusing on getting them back to training, rather than avoiding workouts.

Rick showed me what so many other injury specialists hadn’t – how to work through the right sequence of techniques to unlock the tension and tightness in my muscles to properly solve the problem.

Courtney and Lincoln
He’s the guy I turned to when my wife, Courtney, was struggling with pain and discomfort in her hips after the birth of our son Lincoln.

In the days and months following the birth, she experienced pain in her legs and discomfort when walking and sitting. She was struggling to sleep.

In just 15 minutes working with Rick, he’d successfully unlocked her hip flexors so she no longer felt any pain or discomfort that day. She was able to walk without experiencing the nagging pain in her pelvic area. She could sleep better and could start enjoying those precious days with a little one at home.

But Rick’s “flow” technique doesn’t only help those in pain.

At Critical Bench, our Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson felt his hip flexors were a little tight (from sitting and answering training questions on facebook too much) and tried the same routine Rick had used with my wife. Within days, Chris successfully increased his deadlift by 35 pounds to finally hit that 500 pound pull he had been training for. All because he got to experience the sequential flow of movements that Rick developed to release his hip flexors.

It’s not about the exercises.


While many of the techniques were ones I already knew, doing the movements in the right order unravels all the tissues including muscle, fascia, connective tissue, and the joint capsule while breaking up scar tissue.

Using the right sequence kick starts an increase in blood flow to the area to clean out metabolites and lactic acid and reduces inflammation while nourishing and rejuvenating the area.

I’ve seen, with my own eyes, the power of Rick’s techniques on my wife and our Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson.

That’s why I asked Rick to share with you the very same program so you too can help to unlock your hip flexors and gain all the benefits.

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